sandwich wallet
minimal wallet, suitable for credit cards, travel tickets, driver’s license is also suitable for banknotes. €10.00 
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sandwich wallet Fo7

Flop is an armchair which folds out to a sleeping place for 1 person. It has construction made of veneer and upholstery made of 100% sheep wool material
Elena Sidorova

Magda van der Vloed is an artist, designer and product developer that lives near Cullinan Pretoria South Africa.
Magda van der Vloed

meccano home
This audacious mission was confided to 2 talented designers : Cécile MAKOWSKI and Thomas HOURDAIN. Our current lifestyles evolve permanently and are subjected to the numerous constraints of the everyday life, then we need easiness in our close environment. Flexibility becomes a major notion for all our purchasing decisions. In this way, the resolutely modern and differentiating design of the MECCANO HOME collection is catering the actual needs of convenience and easiness

The new D-TEC seating ignore the standards and the look of the traditional seating and define a new form of seating culture: “LaZy“, “Swing” and “Cobra” consist of inclined seating surfaces with stretchable material extending to the body contours of the user adapts perfectly and so the comfort increases enormously