Peri Bike Rack

Peri - A bike rack for everyday use, a non-invasive, space-minimizing, spectacle to the bike in a living situation. Peri is designed simply to solve a problem. The end result is something beautiful and functional, simplistic and refined, giving a new out look on an existing problem.
Peri Bike Rack

Introverso 2
This vase, named Introverso 2, has dual personalities
Whether you decide to keep the original, rectangular vase or bring out the more traditional shaped vase underneath, the choice is yours
Designed by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti

The collection includes a stool and two or three seated benches. Produced in natural or stained ash.
Mia Cullin

Manta Ray Duo
The surface as a field of experimentation capable of generating volume is the source of the Manta Ray Duo design.
design by Zaha Hadid Architects for Sawaya & Moroni

Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is a mobile radiator designed to warm up the space closely surrounding the user. Its main body is made of aluminium with a finely crafted top platform in oak wood with integral handle
Design Satyendra Pakhale